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Review: Five Reasons to Fly with Aegean Airlines

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Short-haul airlines are quite equal in quality. There is not much quality difference between low-fare and traditional airlines inside Europe because all of them have similar service portfolio. Or should we say not service at all. Luckily there are exceptions. One of them is Aegean Airlines.

Kiev as a Destination

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We visited Kiev for Eurovision Song Contest in May 2017. It was 5 years after our previous visit and we noticed immediately that the city has developed much. We do recommend you to consider Ukraine as your next destination.

10 Tips to Cheap Travelling

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Traveling does not need to be expensive. A weekend getaway in Europe is possible to get for less than 200 euros and still keeping the quality up. By using the tips described in this article you will arrange yourself a cheap but a good trip.

EU Roaming Charges and Mobile Subscriptions

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Do you know that there won't anymore be mobile roaming charges in the EU area in 15th June. Not all pre-paid subscriptions are functioning abroad so it could be time to consider post paid subscription now. Overall, they can also become cheaper for you.

What to Do If an Airline Cancels Your Flight?

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Unfortunate events such as flight delays or cancellations happen. For sure, supposed travel plans will be the source of stressor if events like this hamper itineraries as planned. This article will give you tips what to do if an airline cancels or delays your flight.

Review: Aspire Lounge in Helsinki Airport

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In our review series we evaluate travel related companies. This time we visited Aspire Lounge in Helsinki airport. Read more about our opinions.

10 Travel Tips to Spain

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Vacation is meant to be enjoyed. Along the journey however there are things that could ruin your dreamed trip if you aren’t aware of certain things. In this article we would like to present practical tips about how to make your travel to Spain more pleasant.

Guide to Flight and Hotel Bookings

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Everyone knows that hotel and flight prices vary a lot. For example the same flight may cost 100 euros or 500 euros but finally you will get the same service class. We collected some basic information how to compare prices. This guide is not the perfect one but gives you a hint how to start comparing.

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